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KGBF and Georgia Recycling Coalition launch statewide program, “A Bag’s Life” to promote recycling of plastic bags and other film products.

The KAB Five Step Process

Everything that the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) system does to create change in communities centers on the KAB five step process. The process is a systematic method for approaching community problems. It's simple, it's been tested, and it works anywhere.

Step 1: Get the Facts

Step 2: Involve the People

Step 3: Plan Systematically

Step 4: Focus on Results

Step 5: Provide Positive Reinforcement

The Keep America Beautiful System is a grassroots process of education-to-action. By gathering facts related to the issue at hand, involving people from many sectors of the community, focusing on the results of the plan, and providing positive reinforcement - positive community change is realized.

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