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Enviroscapes are portable, interactive tabletop models that demonstrate nonpoint source pollution, wetlands, and landfill issues. They illustrate the ways pollution infiltrates and affects various water bodies in our communities. With Enviroscapes, participants are able to use all of their senses and relate to their own community while better understanding global issues and learning how to prevent water pollution.

The three-dimensional landscapes illustrate residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial, and transportation uses as possible sources of water pollution. Participants learn by using chemicals (drink mix) and loose soil (cocoa) to simulate typical community activities. Instructors use the materials included in the kit to illustrate how pollution can be reduced or prevented.

The best part about Enviroscapes is that they can be used with all ages from children to adults. Keep Georgia Beautiful has four of these models available for check out: two nonpoint source pollution models, a wetlands model, and a landfill model. There is a $35 shipping charge to mail the models. For more information about the Enviroscapes contact Lynn Cobb at

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