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25 Way to Keep Georgia Beautiful Radio PSAs

Listen for these on a station near you!

1. Recycle, recycle, recycle - Megan, Brittany & Cortney , Three Georgia Sisters
2. Reuse and donate - Larry Broom, The Salvation Army
3. Buy Recycled products - Trisha Yearwood, Country Singer
4. Put trash in its place - Francine Reed, Blues Singer
5. Keep truckloads covered - Bobby Moody, Marietta Police Chief
6. Buy only what you need - Clark Howard, Consumer Advocate
7. Plant native plants - George Fisher, President, Callaway Gardens
8. Erase Graffiti - Shirley Franklin, Mayor of Atlanta
9. Teach children to love the earth - President Jimmy Carter
10. Build an outdoor classroom - Lorraine Johnson, Teacher of the Year
11. Help protect our waterways - Emily Saliers, The Indigo Girls
12. Join in annual clean-ups - Jay Feely, Atlanta Falcons
13. Adopt and beautify a local spot - Erin Haney, Miss GA USA
14. Join in conservation efforts - Laura Meadows, Commissioner, DCA
15. Join a carpool - Cindy Wilson, B52's
16. Conserve water - Mary Elfner, GA Water Conservation Coordinator
17. Compost - Lonnie Abercrombie, GA International Horse Park
18. Recycle used motor oil - Bill Elliott, NASCAR Winston Cup Champion
19. Pick up litter - Sabrina Sikora, KGB Student of the Year
20. Support environmentally friendly businesses - Brian Britt, CAU Stu
21. Keep storm drains clear of debris - Skip Caray, Braves Announcer
22. Preserve greenspaces - Wayne Hill, Gwinnett Co. Commissioner Chair
23. Educate leaders - George Israel, CEO GA Chamber of Commerce
24. Volunteer - Karin Zarin, KGB Executive Director of the Year
25. Support your local Keep America Beautiful affiliate - Senator Zell Miller

Special thanks to Kevin Caslow and Sam Napper at The Audio Post, Inc. and Clint Carruth for helping produce and coordinate this CD for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Keep Georgia Beautiful Program, Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

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